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The banner photos are mostly of Boston, and it’s skyline. I live in the greater Boston area, so they’re pictures of my hometown. The falling cow one was adapted from an Adobe Illustrator graphic my friend designed. For Top Notch UI/UX design skills, check her out at Aspire2Inspire.org.

Open source involvement


About Me

So I’ve realized that I work with a lot of different technologies, and that somehow these instruments must all work in perfect concert to serve up the great symphony we sell to paying customers. As there are a lot of moving parts, there are also plenty of details to forget.

This blog aims to document all those little things so whenever I feel the onset of having forgotten something start to blossom, I’ll have something to look back on.

For starters, I’ve gone through and written out as much as I can remember about how to set up, install and configure the open source jboss application server, along with postgres, sendmail, and subversion on a brand new box with only fedora installed. I make no warranties or guarantees that you will not explode your computer, but I will say the steps I have outlined here I have gone through myself, although possibly with some small variant or missing detail I forgot to mention. I’ll do my best to keep these articles updated, so don’t get mad if something doesn’t quite work out like you expect. Or if your computer detonates.

On that note – feel free to browse the articles, and add your own comments with your own experiences.

– Antonio Gonzalez

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