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I have been learning Hudson-CI for a few months now, porting our current build system to use the automated building features. Most of the old scripts were built using Ant so most of the integration work was seamless, but setting up generic wrapper ant scripts to check out from cvs, properly call the older ant build scripts, and then perform all the required ssh/scp calls to remotely shut down, deploy and restart jboss was actually a lot of fun to figure out. Now our builds are invoked by literally one button, and they go through the full tagging, checking out, building (xdoclet generation, javac, and packaging) of our apps and then is smart enough to remotely shut down jboss, scp all the artifacts over, perform current artifact backups, deploy, and then remotely start up jboss. It’s kinda nice not having to babysit builds anymore. Sure, there were a few speed bumps (turns out upgrading to ant 1.8.1 fixes this particular problem), but at the end of the day, its pretty happy.

Android Application Development
So it turns out that regular java guys like me can develop Android apps on… ECLIPSE! Yep pretty much straight out of the box. Sort of. Maybe. Alright well you have to download their SDK, and the eclipse tools, and configure something here and there but at the end of the day with frankly not that much effort, you can setup an Android project in your Eclipse workspace and get started writing your own apps. My phone runs on Android 2.1 so I’ve been working on an Android 2.1 Kanye West Tweet Generator. You hit a button and it gives you a random Kanye Tweet. Come on, who doesn’t love timeless tweets like: “I make awesome decisions in bike stores.”

Jboss 7
7 is out. I never even got a chance to make friends with 6! Love the fast startup time. JBoss tools still need a little bit of work. I really like it. Feels like a complete rehash, lots of new stuff in there like weld, osgi, support for ejbs injected into servlets. Breakfast of chammpions!

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